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Who are we, and what do we offer?

We are a parent-based website, devoted to bringing more choices to other parents lives, in the area of what playgrounds are suitable for their children.

Why are we offering this service?

I first noticed a need for this website, when my daughter starting getting bored of the local playground. We wanted to see a few more options for playground visits.

However when we attempted to search the internet for local playgrounds, all the information we got basicly showed that there was a playground on a certian location, but no other info. I wanted to see what the playground looked like, what features it has, where available parking was. It was a real chore to try to find this.

That's when I decided to build this site. Its been in development for about a year, but progress was slow due to only being able to work on it in my free time. The site is functional in its basic features, while I continue to work on additional features, such as reviews, as well as expansion of our database. If you know a park in your area you'd like documented, please let me know at Contact Us. Please note, although some time may pass between park additions and new site features, I continue to work hard to bring the best content and the most reliable quality features I can. In Addition, Documenting of new parks will be on hold during the winter months, however you may still submit your suggestions. Suggestions will be added to a "Spring List" and will be documented after the spring thaw for the best quality information and photos.

Please enjoy the site, and feel free to drop me a line with suggestions Contact Us

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